I have decided to move the discography to the index page, as that is the main focus of this site. Soon I will have my own personal web site to house all non-musical bits. Maybe, someday.

Abandoned Shorelines Discography

Glass Drone  

Glass Drone (March 2016)

released: 13 March 2016
total time: 84:00
catalogue number: OSC037AS001LP84:00
Shore Drone  

Shore Drone (April 2016) [explicit lyrics]

released: 13 April 2016
total time: 75:07
catalogue number: OSC038AS002LP75:07
Lone Drone  

Lone Drone (June 2016)

released: 13 June 2016
total time: 90:42
catalogue number: OSC040AS003LP90:42
Pink Drone  

Pink Drone (August 2016)

released: 13 August 2016
total time: 79:18
catalogue number: OSC042AS004LP79:18




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